Special Commendation : Sara Jenkins

In recognition of her positive attitude and determination to succeed Sara Jenkins of Makita UK has been awarded a Special Commendation.  

Sara has been a part of Makita UK since March 2021 and was already a supervisor for a small team. Despite already having some skills as a leader, she was keen to learn more and develop new skills to improve the performance of herself and her team. She chose to enrol on the Team Leader Supervisor programme as part of Matika’s training partnership with Intec.  

Sara’s passion for learning and creativity really shone through and she has become a driving force for improvement in her department and that is why she’s been awarded a Special Commendation this year.  

The course has helped provide Sara with frameworks to support her team: ‘I have learnt to regularly check in with my team, officially not just in passing or at desk and note take from this. This nurtures the team, ensuring they feel that I am looking out for them and support them in their work life and personal life if needed. I have learned a lot about my self-using the very informative worksheets. The wheel of life and emotional intelligence worksheets showed me who I am in writing and brought me confidence.’  

Her Line Manager, Tony Coleman has seen her confidence skyrocket! ‘Sara initially, was less confident in her role but was always open to learning and understanding new ideas. She has developed her skills and knowledge and is always looking for better ways to complete a task. Her standard of work is exceptionally high. This is then reflected in her team as she looks to coach and mentor others. This will help drive a high standard of quality, efficiency, and consistency within our business helping us meeting customer expectations.’  

Managing people has a unique set of challenges and Sara has navigated these successfully, alongside working towards her programme goals. This has demonstrated huge resilience which deserves to be celebrated.

Sara’s Tutor, Carrie McMaster, said she was not deterred by challenging situations: ‘Throughout her time on programme she has had continuous issues, that she has had to manage that had eaten into a lot of her time. However, this has not stopped Sara and her determination to be successful with her course aims. What has been fantastic is how Sara applies, discusses, and shares what gained in her sessions and this is helping her to manage both herself and team.  She is not afraid to try new things and will evaluate the successfulness or not of the implementation of her great ideas which support continuous improvement.’  

Congratulations Sara!