Rising Star 2024 : Jack Hayward

Customer Service Practitioner, Rising Star 2024

We are pleased to announce that Jack Hayward of Babble has won our Rising Star Award for 2024.

Jack joined cloud solutions provider, Babble, in 2022 on a Customer Service Level 2 programme. ‘Before I started my apprenticeship, I had taken some time to recover from illness and considered myself too old and too ill to do an apprenticeship but from the moment I signed up I felt appreciated and well supported.’

Jack, like many working in a customer centric role, had to juggle the demands of responsive work environment with his apprenticeship work. His Tutor, Jim Owens, has seen first-hand Jack’s incredible work ethic. ‘Despite working in a busy environment, Jack always produces high-quality work and his attitude to both work and his programme is first class.’

Jim continues; ‘I’ve seen huge development in Jack’s customer service skills. I’ve witnessed him speaking with a wide range of customers, having to resolve complex problems and difficult situations. It’s been fantastic to watch Jack grow into a senior member of the team, and I have seen him supporting newer colleagues, showing patience, and demonstrating excellent coaching skills.’

One of the most inspiring aspects of Jack's development is his resilience. Despite facing personal challenges, including autism, Jack has displayed extraordinary determination. With support from his manager and personal strategies, Jack has overcome stress and difficult situations, showcasing an impressive ability to not let challenges overwhelm him.

Jack reflects on his experience as an apprentice: ‘When I was at university, I felt the learning was very theory-based. Whereas by being part of a workforce on an apprenticeship, I’ve received practical up to date training and been able to implement the skills I have learned immediately so they can be of best benefit to customers.’

Jack's apprenticeship journey is marked by a development in his relationship-building skills, both with external customers and internal colleagues. His ability to communicate effectively with engineers and secure successful resolutions for customers stands as a testament to his interpersonal skills. Furthermore, Jack's journey reflects a remarkable increase in confidence, a trait that has positively impacted him both within and outside the workplace.

Jack’s Manager, Charlie Down-Dyke, could not agree more: ‘Jack has a fantastic attitude and is a key member in our team. He is attentive to our customers, understanding their frustration and taking on board all that he’s learned. He really deserves this award for all his hard work.’

Jack’s story highlights the transformative power of apprenticeship programmes in nurturing talent and fostering professional growth. Through his experience at Babble and his Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship Jack has developed crucial skills, including communication, self-awareness, and the ability to effectively process customer needs which have built up his confidence and will serve him well as he looks to take the next steps in his career.

Congratulations Jack!

(Photography by Ardeshir "Eddy" Goshtasb Pour of Tangerine Photography)