Mentor of the Year 2024: Melissa Hannah

Nominated by Apprentice, Melanie White, we are delighted to announce that Melissa Hannah of Watkin Jones has won our Mentor of the Year Award for 2024.

Melissa’s role as a mentor at Watkin Jones has impacted the lives of many apprentices, and she has guided them through their learning journeys with unwavering support and dedication. This award highlights her exceptional contributions to the success of her mentees and their programs.

Melissa acts as a mentor to both Level 3 and Level 5 management apprentices within housebuilder Watkin Jones.

Melissa's approach to mentorship is characterised by her readiness to go above and beyond for her learners. Melissa's commitment to ensuring that each learner receives the necessary support is unparalleled.

Intec Tutor, Jim Owens, has seen how the support Melissa provides has been instrumental in the success of Apprenticeships at Watkin Jones. ‘Melissa’s enthusiasm for learning ensures that apprentices get the best support from their employer; she takes care to understand the barriers that apprentices face and works hard to overcome these challenges. She is largely responsible for all learners staying on programme and they are all either on or ahead of their target.’

‘Melissa was also kind enough to deliver a session covering Learning and Development during one of the Level 5 workshops. Apprenticeships are vocational and understanding the context of learning within the apprentices’ workplace helps them to get the most out of their programme.’

  Melissa's mentorship has been transformative. One of the big takeaways from professional development is confidence. Melanie White, who nominated Melissa, was hesitant to undertake her apprenticeship: ‘It’s hard not to believe in yourself when a positive force such as Melissa believes in you. I genuinely believe Melissa doesn’t even realise the strength and courage her mentoring skills have given me. She coached me through my anxieties, worry and stress during a particularly tough time I was having with my English and Maths. I hope she knows that because of her, my confidence has soared.’

  Her efforts to empower her mentees extend beyond emotional support, as she actively ensures they can balance their coursework with their full-time jobs, fostering both personal and professional growth.

Melissa Hannah embodies the essence of exceptional Mentor. Her dedication, understanding, and positive influence have not only enabled apprentices to navigate their programs successfully but have also instilled a sense of confidence and empowerment. Melissa's nomination for the Mentor of the Year Award 2024 is a testament to her contributions to the apprenticeship program at Watkin Jones. Her story is an example of how dedicated mentorship can profoundly impact individuals' careers and lives, reinforcing the significance of mentor roles within apprenticeship programs.

Congratulations Melissa!