Apprentice of the Year 2024 : Kirin Fisher

Learning & Development Level 3, Apprentice of the Year 2024

We are delighted to announce that Kirin Fisher of Tarmac has won our Apprentice of the Year for 2024.

Kirin enrolled onto Intec’s Learning &Development Practitioner Level 3 programme to support her transition from Training Co-ordinator to Training Manager: ‘The role was a huge step up. As a Training Co-ordinator I was very admin based, organising, and booking training. My new role required me to actively deliver training including leadership development training to our frontline managers.’

Kirin's apprenticeship helped her to develop her skills and confidence to transition into a more challenging and influential role within her organisation. ‘The main thing I wanted out of my apprenticeship was confidence, in myself and my capabilities. The apprenticeship has helped me push myself out of my comfort zone; if someone had asked me if I thought I’d be delivering training two years ago, there would have been absolutely no chance. I struggled speaking in Teams meetings with people I knew!’

‘The apprenticeship made me realise I knew a lot of things and confirmed that the way I was delivering training at Tarmac was right.’

Manager, Ben Trisic, spotted Kirin’s potential; ‘Kirin has shown just how impactful apprenticeships can be, not just for the individual but also for the business. We had a gap in our L&D Structure and made the decision to upskill from within, which was a first for this team. We made a business decision to allow someone with the right attitudes and behaviours to develop into this role.’

This decision has clearly paid off: ‘In all my working career, I don’t recall anyone developing so much in such a short space of time. When I first started working with Kirin, she was quiet and would go with the team consensus. It became clear that she wasn’t always the most confident of people, even though she was knowledgeable. Watching Kirin’s development over the past 18 months has been a joy. Her confidence has sky-rocketed and she’s now responsible for training and development in two regions of our business, having conversations with senior leaders where she will challenge them to create a positive learning culture.’

Kirin is an inspiring example of how apprenticeships can empower individuals to reach their potential. Her journey highlights the benefits of apprenticeships for both the apprentice and the employer, showcasing the transformational impact of vocational learning and a supportive work environment. Kirin's success not only supported her in the next step in her career but also served as a model for effective talent development within her organisation.

Congratulations Kirin!

(Photography by Zak Poland of Glasslife)