Intec Inspection Report

The services and programmes Intec offer to its customers are, from time to time, subject to an OFSTED inspection. An inspection covers many aspects of the business. Essentially it reaches a judgement on how effective Intec is at meeting the needs of its customers, particularly learners.  Please find following a brief overview of our recent inspection in .

Summary of key findings for learners :

This provider is good because :

  • Achievement rates remain high compared to national averages following on from the 2013 inspection high with the majority of learners making very good progress and developing good vocationally relevant skills that their employers value to improve their employment prospects.
  • Teaching, learning and assessment are good. Training is well planned and structured with assessors using their skills and knowledge very effectively to engage and motivate learners and any problems are dealt with promptly.
  • Through implementation of electronic portfolios learners have access to a wide range of online learning resources that they can access at their convenience.
  • Tutors and assessors provide good support to learners helping develop a sound understanding of Safeguarding & Prevent initiatives.
  • Comprehensive and highly effective assessment planning uses a wide range of assessment methods to support learners’ timely progress and development.
  • Individual learning support is good in developing English, mathematics and functional skills. Assessors are skilled at ensuring that learners have a positive approach to functional skills and recognise their importance in the workplace.
  • Leadership is strong, decisive and leads to improvements in the provision for learners.
  • Performance management is very good and has a strong focus on improving success rates and the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Staff development is good with a commitment by the company to ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment continues to improve.
  • Partnership arrangements with employers are highly effective and encourage progression into higher qualifications.


  • Outcomes for learners

    Overall success rates for apprentices are above the national average and have remained so for the last three years. The number of apprentices who completed their programme within their planned timescale is also above the national average and has increased from the 2013 inspection due to increased amount of contact time. Success rates for learners in the workplace learning provision are also above the national average with the majority completing early or within their planned timescale.

Inspection reports are in the public domain and to access these, please click link : to reach the OFSTED site.