Special Commendation : Matthew Hickman

In recognition of his hard work and commitment Matthew Hickman of ECOBAT Battery Technologies has been awarded a Special Commendation.  

Matthew has had to adapt to challenges and his determination to succeed really stood out in this year’s awards.   Matthew first started at ECOBAT 10 years ago, when he was 19 and has risen through the ranks to take on an Assistant Manager role. Stepping into a Manager role for the first time can be a daunting experience and many face difficulties in moving from being one of the team to its leader.  

Matthew clearly had all the skills, ability, and determination to excel in his new role but completing a Team Leader Supervisor Programme with Intec supported his knowledge of management tool and theories, giving him more confidence.   

‘The main skill I have developed is the way I talk to my team, as I now understand the types of personalities and how to manage them. The apprenticeship has also given me the confidence to talk in front of the whole team and I am able to apply what I’ve learnt when trying to resolve an issue. It has improved my skill set as a manager’ – Matthew Hickman.  

His Line Manager, Steve Davis agrees: ‘I’ve worked with Matt for 10 years now and he is what I would describe as a people person. He interacts with colleagues at all levels of the business and is a great communicator; putting people at ease and getting them to open up and buy into his ideas. He understands the business from the warehouse up and this makes him great at managing staff and their daily duties.  He is well respected and isn’t afraid to muck in and this has earnt the respect of those he works with.’  

Juggling a full-time role and a professional qualification is a balancing act in itself, one many managers can relate to. However, life often throws up challenges we would never expect to face and adapting to them requires resilience, something Matthew’s Tutor, Lisa Bessant, has witnessed first-hand: ‘After a house fire, Matthew and his family had to move out of their home for 6 months and is yet to move back in, despite this, he has never missed a deadline.’  

Matthew’s ability to adapt and his determination to succeed and overcome challenges deserves to be celebrated and is the reason why he’s been awarded a Special Commendation.  

Congratulations Matthew!