Rising Star of 2022: Jemma Swinscoe

Winner - Jemma Swinscoe, Specsavers

The Rising Star Award is presented to apprentices who have shown exceptional growth while on programme and Jemma Swinscoe from Specsavers is a deserved winner for 2022.

Jemma undertook the Team Leader/Supervisor programme as part of Specsavers employee development plan for future leaders.

‘I’d been working in my current role as a Financial Analyst for a number of years and although I was working hard and was a good employee, I was complacent. The apprenticeship has helped me come out of my shell and encouraged me to want to progress to a management/leadership role.’

Jemma struggles with Dyslexia and a lack of understanding of this in previous education settings, led to her wrongly being labelled as a slow student. ‘The apprenticeship has benefitted me over college/ going back to university as it has taken into consideration my learning disability. It makes me feel more like a person than a number.’

‘Emma, my tutor, has been amazing throughout. She has adapted the way she teaches to help me understand what is required and varies her teaching style to make the knowledge aspect of the programme easier and more enjoyable. Emma has always been there for me when I have additional question or require guidance or support - she’s really helped me push myself to be a better person.’

Jemma’s Tutor, Emma Jones, has witnessed first-hand the hard work Jemma puts in: ‘Jemma doesn’t let her dyslexia hold her back. The quality of her work is excellent and she’s constantly looking for opportunities to better herself. She implements what she’s learnt on programme, actively seeking out opportunities to gain experience of all aspects of the role she is aiming for.’  

Her Manager, Hayley, agrees: 'Jemma has taken on additional responsibilities to help build her confidence and understanding of a team leader role by sitting in on interviews as a note taker and being involved in the conversations around the process. Her knowledge and understanding of her role are excellent and this shows within our team. Other members of staff go to her for support, which she is always happy to provide. The more Jemma continues to push herself, the more confident I see her become.’

‘I feel that the theories and what I’ve learned has really helped me become more confident in my own abilities.’

Jemma is now being presented with opportunities she did not have before she started on this qualification. Congratulation Jemma!