Staysure's Gemma Weston wins Intec Rising Star Award

Left to right: Gemma Weston and Lindsey Howsam Operations Director
Posted: Monday, 5 March 2018 @ 11:48

Gemma Weston, Staysure

Intec Rising Star 2018

Team Leading Level 2

This year we have awarded Gemma Weston, an Adviser at Staysure Travel Insurance, a Rising Star Award. Having the get up and go to juggle a busy home life, a job and continually striving for personal development is something we believe needs to be celebrated.

Mum of two Gemma is a great example of someone who has really put the most into her Team Leading Apprenticeship, taking advantage of an employee training opportunity to help her achieve her goal of becoming a Team Leader.    

Gemma has worked tirelessly to achieve her goal gaining in confidence; “I was conscious that I have dyslexia and this has prevented me from pushing myself as I didn’t have that self-belief. Through writing the assignment I have learnt to ask for help, believe in myself and just trust my own judgement and instincts. The worst thing that could happen is that I will get some feedback, which I can learn from and grow.”

Indeed, Yvonne Adams, her Intec Tutor/Assessor completely agrees saying “Gemma is fantastic at accepting constructive criticism, showing a real passion for career progression and the value of the Apprenticeship Scheme.”

The hands on approach to learning is Gemma’s preferred style of training as she struggles with classroom based (being talked at) learning. The study groups that were built into the delivery of her apprenticeship have been really helpful and the one to one interactions, something not always available at college or university.  

As well as completing the Apprenticeship Gemma is on the 2017 cohort of Staysure’s internal development programme called Stepping Stones. Both of these courses are helping Gemma to develop her leadership skills and are giving her more confidence in her ability to deal with difficult situations, be self-motivated and to look after a team with different needs and skills sets.  

Gemma has nearly completed her Team Leading Apprenticeship and hopes the qualification will give her a permanent Team Leading role with the option to go on to complete a management qualification in the future.    

From left to right: Yvonne Adams (Intec Trainer) Jo Phelps (HR Manager) Gemma Weston (Apprentice) Siobhan Marden (Senior Customer Service Manager) Trudy Purchase (Learning and Development Manager)

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