Staysure: Embracing the Apprenticeship Levy

This year has brought a multitude of changes to Apprenticeships, which has had a lasting impact on UK employers, especially larger organisations. One company that has really embraced these changes is Staysure, the over 50s leading insurance provider based in Northampton.

Staysure partnered with Intec, has used Apprenticeships to implement their internal training programme; ‘Personal Growth’ which allows individuals to help design and grow their own career pathway. This has given them the opportunity to take advantage of Apprenticeships and invest their Levy pot, whilst still preserving their existing training and doing things ‘the Staysure way’.

Staysure has enrolled over 60 members of staff across their business onto a range of Apprenticeship programmes including Business Administration, Customer Service, Sales, Learning & Development and Leadership & Management. ‘We are really impressed with the level of uptake we have received from Contact Centre Agents and Team Managers. The Levy has allowed Learning & Development to offer these opportunities which may not have been possible before and Intec have been a real support mechanism.’ says Trudy Purchase, Head of HR.

Staysure puts the customer at the heart of everything they do. They are committed to developing ambitious and loyal members of staff who will provide the very best levels of service to the customer.Trudy continues ‘we are keen to attract, develop and retain staff ensuring they have the right attributes and then help them grow by providing them with a rewarding and enjoyable career path. We believe that investing in our staff’s development builds a better company which ultimately benefits the customer.’

In undertaking an Apprenticeship programme ‘Staysure sees fantastic dedication in candidates who are looking to move to other roles within the business. Many who have been through the development program have demonstrated a new found confidence and shown real potential in progressing within the business, having a long and happy career at Staysure.’

Team Leaders, Sales Agents and Customer Service Representatives have all benefitted from the programme. They are now more confident within their current roles and have gained greater credibility from their colleagues and peers.Undertaking Apprenticeships has also seen some employees already move into new job roles, forexample Lauren Aird has moved from Sales Agent to a new position as Product Executive and Tom Liversidge has progressed from a Sales Agent to HR Assistant.

Indeed Gemma Weston recently won an Intec Rising Star Award recognizing her hard work and dedication. A very worthy winner, she is a great example of someone that has taken the opportunities offered to her by Staysure and the Levy. Gemma has shown a real passion for her career progression and the value that the Apprenticeship scheme will have on her future. Undertaking her Team Leader Level 2 Apprenticeship has provided Adviser, Gemma with the support she needs, as she aspires to become a Team Leader.

Embracing the Apprenticeship Levy has helped Staysure to implement a very effective Learning & Development Strategy that has benefited both the business and learners alike; enabling them to develop, progress and achieve.

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