Sian Lyon of ESP Recruitment wins Intec Rising Star Award

Sian Lyon, ESP Recruitment

Intec Rising Star 2018

Recruitment Resourcing Level 2

Recruitment Apprentice, Sian Lyon is a well-deserving winner of this years’ Intec Rising Star Award. With no prior knowledge of the industry, it was her ‘positive attitude and steely resolve’ that left ESP certain that despite her shy, quiet nature, she was up to the challenge.

Since then there has been no looking back for Sian. ‘She has become the backbone of ESP, her shyness rescinded, she has positively flourished in her role. She has grown from a timid college student to an invaluable member of staff, not only delivering on her promises but exceeding them far beyond expectation.'

Sian has come a long way in a short space of time: From writing up a job spec to following up on a candidates first day, she is well versed in all things recruitment. Her attitude to work sets her apart and makes her a real pleasure to work with. When asked what made her a great Apprentice? Her Delivery Director, Craig Smart responded ‘She is the rising star of ESP and we believe she deserves to be recognised for that; not only for her attitude, ability and drive but for her engaging personality and the ability to make the workplace a fun and productive place to be. Her ability to act on her own initiative, whilst not being afraid to ask for help is a real credit to anyone who is in employment, let alone just starting out their career.’

Her Tutor/Assessor, Alice Gray is particularly pleased with her progress: ‘Sian has adapted her attitude to learning entirely, while there was a time she would question the relevance of the wider knowledge contained in units, she now sees these as an opportunity to learn beyond her role. She is set now to achieve beyond her own expectations and is showing signs of a very promising career ahead.’ Sian agrees saying ‘You get out what you put in; so the harder I work the more I get out of it in terms of commission and responsibility.’

ESP have been a great support to Sian and are a great example of a business that really bought in to the idea of Apprenticeships. ‘Having an Apprentice was refreshing as Sian joined us with very little experience. This in turn gave us the ability to train and mould her…We have also had to learn that having an Apprentice with no experience meant we have had to become more diligent, patient and better communicators. This has made us better employers.’  

After finishing college, moving into the world of work was one of Sian’s greatest fears she need not have worried. ‘Sian has an enormous future ahead of her at ESP and we envisage she will have her own team of Apprentices to train and develop in the near future’. Congratulations Sian!