Special Commendation of 2021: Lucybeth Boden-Dodd

Special Commendation -  Lucybeth Boden-Dodd, VAX Ltd

In recognition of her hard work and commitment Lucybeth Boden-Dodd from VAX Ltd has been awarded a special commendation from Intec.

‘Lucybeth is a mature, focused and well organised young lady who has the confidence and capability that will take her far in her long-term career.’

Lucybeth is currently studying a Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Programme and has proved to be a conscientious and supportive apprentice throughout; taking time to complete her work and submit before the due date, completing all the work to best of her ability, demonstrating a good understanding of the different areas of the Apprenticeship, and asking advice when necessary.

Whilst working from home, Lucybeth has consistently shown hard work and motivation during challenging times in the world both on a personal and business level. Going out of her way to develop herself and skills by attending in-house workshops in the office and putting herself forward for VAX’s Pathway training scheme to develop back office business knowledge within the company.

Lucybeth credits the development of multiple skills such as; patience, confidence, conflict management and customer service skills to her Apprenticeship. She states that she can now quickly respond to difficult customers and deal with multiple situations in any given time. Another benefit she has received from her Apprenticeship was the ability to look into a mortgage as she has been able to earn and save money whilst gaining her qualification.

Not only is Lucybeth ahead on her programme, she has taken it up on herself to help others wherever possible, supporting 2 colleagues in their course between meetings, demonstrating leadership and mentoring qualities. Additionally being a spokesperson for them too when required.

It is acknowledged by Claire, Lucybeth’s line manager, that: ‘Lucybeth has continued to work efficiently but still so accurately, whilst giving outstanding customer service and 110% effort. She is a much-valued member of our Vax Contact Centre team.’