Special Commendation of 2021: Carla Thomas

Special Commendation - Carla Thomas, SMS Plc

In recognition of her hard work and ongoing support to those around her, Carla Thomas from SMS plc has been awarded a special commendation from Intec.

Team Leader, Carla, is undertaking a Team Leader Supervisor Level 3 Programme with Intec and always goes above and beyond to support others. She often undertakes activities outside of her remit, supporting not only her own team but others within the organisation to ensure the objectives and targets are met - putting immense effort into the completion of her assessments, reading all of the supporting documents, recommended reading materials, and learning journeys to support her development.

‘It is great to see Carla putting the knowledge she has gained in to practice and listen to stories and examples from her own workplace where Carla has demonstrated skills she has developed whilst being on the course.’

Carla has developed her knowledge and skills in theories and models with regards to leadership and management, she puts a great deal of effort in to the completion of her assessments, reading all the materials to support her development.

However her success has not been without its challenges: Leading teams remotely has meant managers have had to adapt to new ways of working and support others to do the same. Carla has led by example, promoting positivity and resilience with daily video calls to aid staff morale. She took the initiative to create a new training programme with presentations for her team and refresher training for when members returned from furlough.

Although she credits the programme with the development of her leadership skill, being organised has really helped her to excel in the role and has provided her team with security and direction during uncertain times. She Coped brilliantly with the move to home working and assisted the whole team in completing this move and bringing the team back in to the office once they were allowed to do so safely.

It is clear that Carla is dedicated to her role within the business, ensuring that any task she is assigned or undertakes is completed in a timely manner and actioned, with no task left undone.

Carla’s manager states; ‘Carla constantly delivers and supports her team in her role as a team leader and this has been particularly challenging with the current pandemic. Her commitment to her job, the business and the team is second to none along with her appetite to learn and develop her career.’