Lindab First Distinction in Customer Service Level 2


Matt Motley of  Lindab achieves Distinction grading in Customer Service Level 2    


Matt Motley has always had a positive work ethic and hard-working attitude to not just any task, but his job as a whole, so it’s no surprise he’s been awarded a Distinction grading in his Customer Service Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard. With the recognition of this, he is also known for his dedicated service to his position, and never fails to make others smile. Providing excellent customer service is what Matt is very confident in doing and is exceptional at it too.

Intec Business Colleges Assessor, Lorraine Foulkes, says “Matt really wanted to do well, and as a result he took action to make sure that he was match ready on the day of the End Point Assessment (EPA)”. She continues to express that “Matt is a confident communicator and this would have helped him in his EPA discussions”. “He worked with any feedback that I gave him in a positive way to ensure that he met the requirements particularly if it was a distinction category”.

Matt has learnt how to deal with customer queries and issues, and has increased his knowledge of the industry really well. Lorraine explains “Matt was managed remotely but he would contact head office if he needed policies or procedures or information in a topic that we had covered. He was very proactive getting to understand the Standards and what he needed to be uploading for evidence. He never cancelled or moved a meeting and submitted all work for each visit on time. He has also developed his time management skills as well as planning his time effectively in personal and professional life; he used techniques taught by Lorraine to improve his own time management skills in terms of prioritising etc.”  

Since the completion of his Customer Service level 2 Apprenticeship Standard, Matt has settled into the Lindab team really well, within his full time role as ICS Sales Coordinator.