Higher Apprentice of the Year 2022: Lucy Bater

Winner - Lucy Bater, Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB)

Higher Apprentice of the Year is for those studying a Level 4 programme or above, juggling busy professional careers, changing working practices and completing an apprenticeship is never easy and our Higher Apprentice of the Year 2022 has excelled on programme while supporting those across her organisation to develop themselves.

We’re delighted to announce that our Higher Apprentice of the Year for 2022 is Lucy Bater of the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB). Senior Learning & Development Consultant, Lucy, has excelled on programme and grown in confidence to enhance the training her organisation is able to offer to their own staff.

Completing a Learning & Development Business Partner/Consultant Level 5 Programme is a large undertaking and Lucy, like many business professionals, struggled with the time commitment: ‘Being honest, having the time to do the apprenticeship alongside my job has been a struggle, but as soon as I started seeing the change in me as a person, I realised how important it is to go through this journey, as I have grown so much.’

Lucy’s Tutor, Emma Jones, has seen her grow confidence throughout the programme: ‘Lucy has had a number of challenges to overcome with colleagues leaving, new management and finally moving to MAB (after being head-hunted). What I have noticed is a growth in confidence has improved the way she communicates with others, building relationships. She has also developed the ability to say ‘no’ (she admits to always being a ‘yes’ woman previously) and has been able to make changes and improve longstanding policies and processes to drive the organisation forward’.

Her Manager, Marie Bedding, couldn’t agree more: ‘I’ve had the pleasure of leading Lucy throughout her apprenticeship programme, and the change I’ve seen in both her and the work she produces is a testament to her hard work, passion and determination. I’ve been incredibly proud of the person she’s become and continues to grow into.’

Lucy has brought real world benefit to MAB. Recently she has worked to develop a new Leadership programme for the organisation. This venture has involved creating and delivering a 12-month course to support 110 leaders across the business: ‘The ideas she’s pulled together around how to shape, motivate and develop the entire leadership team is exciting and will make real tangible improvements to our business. She does it all with a massive smile on her face and exudes an aura of openness and genuine care – everything you’d want in a trainer of Lucy’s calibre.’ Marie Bedding.

Congratulation Lucy, we couldn’t have found a more worthy winner!