Improve efficiency in your warehouse

Posted: Wednesday, 5 June 2019 @ 13:33

Between rent rises and the advent of online shopping and the ‘want it now society’, there is increasing pressure for warehouses to speed up distribution. The race to achieve the most efficient warehouse is on.

Although there is much to be said for high-tech AI technology, having dedicated warehouse employees can make a huge difference. Key to any warehouse is people; labour related costs in a typical warehouse can be 50% of the total costs. And with the government funding 95% of the cost of an Apprenticeship for non-Levy organisations and larger organisations already contributing to the levy, upskilling your people comes without the hefty price tag of a new piece of machinery.

Thoroughly inducting new employees into your warehouse is an effective way to make them feel valued from the start. Setting clear manageable goals drives employees forward and builds their confidence in their ability to do the job. Aligning your staff training to an Apprenticeship Standard is one way to formalise this.

The Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship programme is specifically designed by employers for individuals working in a warehousing roles. Working towards this Standard sets out the expectations the business has for new hires from the start and monthly Assessor visits give Learners the chance to reflect on their training, identify gaps in their knowledge and request support where they need it.

Induction activities such as shadowing and practical training all count towards the Apprenticeship. Time spent off-the-job learning about best practice and health and safety contribute to a safer, more efficient, working environment.  

‘Success in any business starts with trust. Sustained high level performance from your employees is a direct result of winning their trust as a leader. It's no different than a sports team that gives it their all night in and night out to be the best because they trust and believe in their coach.’ Derick Pope – Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain Professional.

Training programmes not only benefit new staff but existing employees as they pursue career development. Moving from a position as ‘one of the team’ to being ‘the boss’ can be a daunting prospect.

The Team Leader/ Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard supports developing warehouse managers as they move into a new role.

Whilst undertaking a Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard, Learners will receive free CMI (Chartered Management Institute) membership for the duration of their qualification; accessing a huge range of online resources and their virtual library. Learners will be set assignments that force them to think about the runnings of the warehouse and wider people management.

With motivated staff constantly on the lookout for how their environment can be improved, warehouse efficiencies can be achieved.