Update on the Apprenticeship Standards

Posted: Wednesday, 23 May 2018 @ 09:16

There are now over 500 new standards either approved for delivery or in development.

There is a vast array of occupations covering a variety of industry sectors many of which are highly specialised.These include Cyber Intrusion Analyst, Dental Technician and Digital Marketer as well as the more conventional occupations of Retail Manager and Nurse.

The body responsible for the approval of Apprenticeship standards is the Institute for Apprenticeships who have published over 200 new standards ready for delivery. The Institute supports employer led, trailblazer groups whose job it is to bring forward new standards for the Institute to approve.

All Apprentices completing a Apprenticeship standard will be subject to a final End Point Assessment (EPA) which will determine and confirm that they have met the standard. The EPA is undertaken by an independent End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

The EPAO is chosen by the employer in conjunction with the Apprenticeship training provider, once the apprentice undertakes the EPA they can achieve a pass, merit or distinction grading depending upon the assessment criteria.

Intec is currently delivering new standards in a variety of service sector occupations including; Business Administration, Customer Service Practitioner, Retail Manager and Operations/Departmental Manager.

For more information on which standards will be most appropriate for your business call 0808 100 1155.