Where can your Levy make the biggest difference?

Posted: Thursday, 5 March 2020 @ 12:57

No two organisations are the same so your plan for your levy should be unique to you. However, we've put together a list of areas all organisations should consider investing their Levy. 

 Management Apprenticeships

The face of Apprenticeships are changing. They're no longer just for young school leavers. Our higher level management Apprenticeships are designed for Business Leaders. Providing guidance on the latest management techniques and access to extensive resources from the CMI Management library. We can help you to map your existing training programmes to Apprenticeships and tailor them to specific job roles within your organisation

Marketing Apprenticeships to senior Managers internally has historically been difficult, we can help you work around this to develop a work-based management training programme that works for you.

Bridging a skills gap

As Leon Quinn of Balfour Beatty put it: 'Quite simply, the skill set of young people and the

 requirements of employers don't match up. It's like a chef has painstakingly prepared a buffet which ignores the dietary requirements of the customers.' One excellent use of your Levy could be to identify where you're short of skills and build a training programme based around this area. Although workforce planning is not always practical and changes are difficult to predict. Areas such as Customer Service, Sales and Retail continuously suffer with high turnover rates, with training shown to improve staff turnover rates, investing your Levy into front-line teams could be the answer.

Recruitment Strategies

Many organisations are laboring under the impression that the Apprenticeship Levy can only be used to Recruit an Apprentice. Although this is not true, there are a huge range of options to develop your existing staff, building Apprenticeships into your recruitment strategy can be beneficial to your business (not least because you receive £1000 for every Apprentice you recruit aged 16-24). The new Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard is here, this new Standard can be tailored to a specific job role within an industry. Recruiting effective administrators can bring economies to your business, not just through efficiency in their own job, but also in freeing up time for more skilled worker to focus on specialist tasks.

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We can work with you to help develop your workforce, turning the Levy to your advantage. For more information download our Levy factsheet or call 0808 100 1155 to speak to one of our Apprenticeship Team.