£1000 incentive for taking on a Trainee

Posted: Friday, 3 September 2021 @ 09:22

The government have recently announced an initiative to incentivise Traineeships for employers. For the first time organisations are able to access an £1000 government grant for every Trainee they take on up to a maximum of 10.

Traineeships are skills development programmes for individuals aged 16 to 24 and are designed to provide young people with the skills they need to succeed in the working world, as well as giving them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

A Traineeship consists of 3 aspects;

  • Employability Skills: Developed during a pre-employment programme with Intec. We will provide ongoing support to help young people write their CV, prepare for interviews and teach them how to search for a job.IT-L3-Programme-Flyer.pdf
  • Workplace skills: These are developed in a real-life working environment whilst on placement with an employer. Intec will hold regular review meetings to ensure Trainees remain on track and employers feel supported.
  • Functional Skills: English and maths supported and delivered remotely to develop the Trainee to a higher standard.

Intec launched our Traineeship provision in 2016 and have successfully run programmes with both national and local retailers and a number of NHS Trusts.

Our Traineeship programmes are flexible around you and can last from 6 weeks up to a year. We offer a range of comprehensive 10-week programmes, which can be adapted to your organisation, in the following areas: Customer Services, Retail, Business Administration, ICT, Team Leading, Digital Skills, Lean Operations and Event Planning.

It’s not just the Trainee who benefits: Organisations are able to support the national effort to reduce the potential impact of the pandemic on youth employment and these programmes are a great way to develop talent pipelines, with employers using them as an extended interview process for apprenticeship roles. They also provide existing staff opportunities to develop their mentoring skills, supporting trainees as they prepare for team leader roles.

A successful Traineeship is a three-way partnership with the employer, the trainee and Intec all committing to its success. We find Traineeships work best when the employer uses at least part of the government grant to support the trainee, either covering their expenses or perhaps offering a small wage.

Find out more about Traineeships today by downloading our flyers or calling 0808 100 1155.