Process Improvement Apprenticeships - Who are they for?

Posted: Wednesday, 7 October 2020 @ 14:38

Efficient processes form the backbone of any organisation. Ensuring that they are continuously examined and perfected is key to remaining competitive. Process Improvement Apprenticeships are for those who implement or lead these processes.

Who's it for?

These apprenticeships encourage individuals to driving continuous improvement in business systems using a range of Lean Management and six sigma methodologies and project and change management theories.

Intec Business Colleges have run successful pilots in manufacturing, logistics and NHS settings, but these programmes are suitable for almost any operating sector.

The new Apprenticeship standards very much focus on an individual’s job role. Within larger companies there maybe employees whose sole responsibility it is to evaluate and continuously improve processes. They may hold job titles such as Business Improvement Co-ordinator, Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt and Quality Control Analyst or, at a more senior level, Business Improvement Practitioner, Continuous Improvement Manager and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

However these Apprenticeships are suitable for Learners working in any job role where a process plays a large part, such as HR, IT, Finance and Health, safety and compliance.

What’s the difference between the Level 3 and Level 4 Programmes?

How will it be delivered?

Intec offer a blended learning solution and delivery is flexible around your needs. We can offer virtual or face-to-face one to ones or a workshop model, depending on the number of Learners at a company. To ensure quality training our workshops are limited to groups of 5. Contact sessions are support by our online learning platform, Learning Assistant, with additional resources provided by the United Centre of Excellence (who also act as the End Point Assessment Organisation).

The programme focusses on developing Learners knowledge skills and behaviours. Learners will be given knowledge sheets to help support the learning gained from their Assessor visits and will be asked to complete task worksheets between sessions. They will develop behaviours through the project portfolio build which must demonstrate a business benefit to the apprentice’s employer.

  Improvement Practitioner Level 4
  Improvement Technician Level 3

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