Off-the-Job Training Changes!

Posted: Tuesday, 30 August 2022 @ 15:27

New Changes to Off-the-Job Training

The government has made changes to its requirements for 20% Off-the-Job Training in apprenticeships, and is instead implementing a 6 Hours per week requirement

From August 1st, the Education and Skills Funding Agency have changed the rules. Previously, Learners were required to spend 20% of their time engaging in off the job training. However, under the new rules a baseline figure of 6 hours per week is being introduced.

What this means is that Learners who work more than 30 hours a week can now spend less than 20% of their week doing off-the-job training, a requirement that a lot of employers found to be a significant factor when considering apprenticeships as a means for training staff.

Intec is implementing this new change into our apprenticeship programmes. For more information regarding the new 6 Hours Off-the-Job Training and how the requirement can be met, please click on the image of our new OTJ Training flyer.