Intec reaches Forty – what a milestone!

Posted: Friday, 26 August 2022 @ 15:02

On the 20th August 2022 Intec reached Forty – what a milestone! As one of the UK’s leading training providers Intec have helped to launch the career of thousands of individuals, something the organisation is proud of.

In what was a monumental year for Intec let’s take a look at all things 1982...

Italy win 1982 world cup in Spain! On the 11th July, in the Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. After a goalless first half Italy beat West Germany  3- 1 with man of the match performance from Paolo Rossi

On the 20th of August 1982 Survivors The Eye of the Tiger was no.1 in the UK chart. After Sly Stallone had his request by Queen to use ‘Another one bites the dust’ turned down Survivor wrote ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ and the rest is history. This can only mean one thing…

…..In August 1982 Rocky 3 was topping the Box Office charts. It went on to become the forth highest grossing film of 1982 and start Sylvester Stallone as Rocky coached by his old adversary Apollo Creed. At the same time the film Annie was riding high in the charts which went on to be the 10th highest-grossing film of the year.

Weather in August 1982 was hot and thundery with temperatures reaching 30.7C in the south of the UK. The biggest fashion trends of the year were statement patterns, exaggerated sleeves, broad power shoulders, vibrant colours, and oversized costume jewellery. Leading the look of the time were Grace Jones, Boy George and The Police.

The Falklands War, the conflict began in April 1982 when South Georgia was invaded, lasting 74 days and ending on the 14th June 1982. It resulted in the combined losses of 907 lives. In 2022 the town of Stanley on the Falkland Islands became a City as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

The first artificial heart was made by a soviet scientist in 1937 but it wasn’t until December 2nd 1982 that the Jarvik-7 was successfully implanted into a human. The recipient was a Dr Barney Clark and he lived for 112 days. The operation was performed in Utah Hospital.  

Intec have delivered high quality training through 7 Prime Ministers and a considerable amount of policy and market changes and we’re looking forward to the next forty years.