Happiness at home

Posted: Thursday, 14 May 2020 @ 13:22

Upon reflection of recent events, Intec want to promote the idea of keeping happy in a time of hardship.

Intec are pushing aside the blues and encouraging people to better their physical and mental health. Although there are changes occurring to our daily lives that can be very scary, remember to take each day steadily and know that as time progresses, you will get a better hold of the situation and become a champion at working from home.

For the time being, we know that it is difficult to find where to start and for this reason we have a guide to help you keep happy whilst working from home and some tips for families, as well as developing some fun ideas that you can use with your own staff to keep them engaged and motivated. We've developed a Remote Working Bingo (First one to get a line wins a prize) and our latest Trivia Quiz. Alongside this, we have created a daily planner so you can better structure your life working at home.

Click to download some of our resources to help you get through working at home:

 Keeping happy at home guide

   Having a happy home guide

  Daily Planner

 Remote Working Bingo

  Trivia Quiz - Questions

 Trivia Quiz - Answers