Furloughing and Apprenticeships

Posted: Tuesday, 14 April 2020 @ 10:42

What is furloughing?

Furloughing means temporary leave of absence from work. This system keeps employees on the payroll without them working. As the furloughed staff are kept on the payroll, this is different to being laid off without pay or being made redundant. employees must be consulted and agree to being furloughed. People who get furloughed must not work for the employer during the period of furlough but usually return to their job afterwards unless redundancies follow.

If someone is furloughed can they continue their apprenticeship?

If the below three points are true then the apprenticeship can continue:

  1. The Apprentices is still employed and there for has a contract and the Apprentices is not doing work which the employer will profit from. 
  2. Apprenticeship agreement is in place
  3. Paid above minimum wage

However if there Learner is not getting paid by either the governments furloughed scheme or the employer - we will either have to pause or bring their apprenticeship to a close. 

If someone is furloughed can they sign up to an apprenticeship?

Enrolling someone onto an apprenticeship whilst they are furloughed can keep employees motivated and engaged in their role whilst they are not at work. Provided the employer is not benefitting from profit making activities from the furloughed employee and that the DAS cohort for the employer has not been placed on pause, we're employers are able to utilise their levy and help employers up skill themselves by enrolling onto an apprenticeship programme.

I am having to move staff into different roles that aren’t related to their apprenticeship. What happens to their apprenticeship?

If this move temporary, we can continue to deliver the apprenticeship through our remote learning platforms; providing workbooks and projects so that when the learner returns to their position they are able to excel within their job role.If that move becomes permanent, you should liaise with Intec to see which alternative apprenticeship your apprentice can transfer to.

To learn more about how Apprenticeships are effected by furlough contact us or call on 0808 100 1155.