COVID19 Support

Posted: Wednesday, 29 July 2020 @ 11:26

As the world responds to COVID-19 we, as an organisation, are taking steps to ensure the integrity of our service and that we are doing everything possible to limit the effects of the virus whilst continuing to deliver high-quality training best suited for you.

We continue to provide the full professional support that our Learners and Employers expect, and are now offering remote alternatives to face-to-face Assessor visits & Account Manager meetings. We have also developed a new e-sign-up process and continue to support all our learners via our online platform, Learning Assistant.

The crisis has meant increased pressure, particularly on Managers with the demands of remote working and furlough effecting team morale as well as productivity. To support these leaders as they navigate the crisis – both for themselves and for those they manage – Intec Business Colleges have developed a new optional unit. We assembled a set of tried-and-tested tools and resources to engage and support learners as they take on the many challenges the pandemic has brought to organisations. 

Although the programme has been designed with managers in mind, selected modules can be offered to all learners on an apprenticeship to help them adjust as we enter the new working world.

COVID19 Support Pack

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