Managing Virtual Teams

Posted: Wednesday, 9 September 2020 @ 12:25


Remotely managing teams has put a lot of pressure on organisations across the country, with many managers struggling to cope but we’re here to support you!

Intec have developed a new optional unit called Managing Virtual Teams. This FREE can be added to any of our programmes, to support managers as they cope with the challenges of Covid-19.

Managers have faced increased pressure because of the crisis, with the demands of remote working, furlough and redundancy having a huge effect on team morale as well as productivity. Staff are being asked to take on new and additional responsibilities and work in new a different ways.

With this in mind our new unit supports Leaders as they navigate crises – both for themselves and for those they manage – We assembled a set of tried-and-tested tools and resources to engage and support learners as they take on the many challenges the pandemic has brought to organisations, helping them adapt to managing in a virtual setting.

Modules include:

  • Nurturing Positivity
  • Motivation Boosters
  • Managing Performance Remotely
  • Creating Structure and Balance
  • Crisis Management
  • The New Good Governance
  • The New Employment Landscape

 As with all our programmes we are able to deliver this unit completely remotely, and it’s included within the cost of the Apprenticeship.

Although the programme has been designed with managers in mind, selected modules can be offered to all learners on an apprenticeship to help them adjust as we enter the new working world. With these modules, your organisation will be able to tackle any crisis with ease.

 Managing Virtual Teams Support Pack

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