Apprenticeships: 12 Reasons Why We're Still Head Over Heels

Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2024 @ 17:07

Call us cheesy but it is Valentines Day! So here are a dozen reasons we LOVE apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are a chance to build a fulfilling future, and here's why we're still smitten:

  1. Launchpad to Success: No experience? No problem! Just like Stella McCartney in fashion or Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, countless others started with apprenticeships and have gone onto achieve huge success. Apprenticeships are your springboard to a remarkable career, no matter your background.
  2. Earn & Learn: Apprenticeships give you valuable, real-world experience while earning a salary. And guess what? The minimum wage for apprentices is going up to £6.40 in April 2024 (with many employers offering more).
  3. University Alternative: Skip the hefty student loans, Apprenticeships enable you gain qualifications, earn money, and build experience, all without breaking the bank. It's a smart investment in your future.
  4. Career Booster: Apprenticeships aren't just for young school leavers, they offer a cost effective route to professional development. Enabling those with well established careers to develop new skills, opening doors to promotions and exciting progression opportunities.
  5. Confidence Coach: Our programmes not only support professional development, learning new skills can give you confidence, boosting your personal development too.   
  6. Skills for Life: Many people worry about not being academic or enjoying school but apprenticeships enable you to gain Functional skills equivalent to GCSEs in maths and English away from classroom style learning.
  7. Professional Connections: Want to become a Chartered? Our partnerships with leading professional bodies give you direct access to industry connections.
  8. Personalised Learning: Unlike the old frameworks, the new Apprenticeship Standards are flexible. They can be tailored to your specific job role, ensuring you develop the exact skills you need to excel.
  9. Happy Employees, Happy Business: Did you know 74% of employers report improved product quality and 78% see increased productivity thanks to apprenticeships? Learning can offer a fresh perspective, bringing new ideas to an organisation. 
  10. Loyalty Loop: High turnover costing you? Apprenticeships can help! 69% of employers report improved staff retention, with 65% of apprentices staying with the company after finishing their programs. Invest in your team, and they'll invest in you.
  11. Government Funding Power: If you don't pay the Apprenticeship Levy (and have over 50 staff), the government funds 95% of the training cost. For smaller companies, it's fully funded! Plus, everyone gets a £1,000 bonus per apprentice aged 16-18.
  12. Everyone's Welcome: Whether you're a school leaver or a seasoned professional, there's an apprenticeship waiting for you. It's time to unlock your potential, no matter where you are in your career journey.

To find out more about Apprenticeships contact us today or call 0808 100 1155 to find out what an Apprenticeship Programme could do for you.