A dozen reasons we LOVE Apprenticeships!

Posted: Friday, 14 February 2020 @ 14:56

Call us cheesy but as it's Valentine's Day we thought rather than a dozen roses, we'd give you a dozen reasons why we LOVE Apprenticeships.

1. Apprenticeships provide young people with no experience to launch a successful career.

 Celebrities such as Stella McCartney and Gordon Ramsay started their career as young apprentices and have gone on to be hugely successful in their chosen industries.

2. An Apprenticeship allows you to earn while you learn.

You gain a nationally recognised Apprenticeship Standard whilst earning a wage. The minimum hourly wage for Apprentices is going up to £4.15 in April 2020 but many employers offer more!   

3. Apprenticeships are a cost effective alternate route to university.

As an Apprentice you can earn money, build up your experience and gain a qualification - all whilst avoiding costly university fees.    

4. Apprenticeships enhance your CV and enable you to progress in your workplace. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop the skills you need to take the next step in your career. Undertaking an apprenticeship showcases your commitment to developing yourself and can make you stand out when it comes to promotion opportunities.  

5. Apprenticeships build confidence.

Our learners continually comment on the confidence they gain from their programme. Taking on a new role can be tough but an apprenticeship can give you theories and practices that help support you.    

6. Apprenticeships are an opportunity to gain your maths and English functional skills.

Equivalent to a GCSE, Functional Skills are included in the cost of an Apprenticeship.  

7. You can gain Chartership or links to Professional Bodies.

We work closely with the Chartered Management Institute, the Association of Project Management and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to provide links to industry for learners taking associated programmes.    

8. You can tailor an Apprenticeship to your job role.

The new Apprenticeship Standards are more flexible than the old Apprenticeship Frameworks and can be tailored to your specific job role.    

9. Apprenticeships increase staff motivation and increase productivity.

74% of employers say that apprentices improved product or service quality, and 78% say that they improved productivity. Apprentices become highly skilled even before they finish their training.*  

10. Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover.

69% of employers say that employing apprentices improved staff retention with 65% of apprentices remaining with the company that trained them after they complete their apprenticeship.*  

11. Apprenticeship training is funded by the government.

If you don’t pay into the Apprenticeship Levy and have more than 50 staff, the government funds 95% of the cost of apprenticeship training. If you have less than 50 staff, the government funds the full cost of Apprenticeship training.

And ANY employer (levy or non-levy) is eligible to access a £1000 payment for each apprentice they employ aged 16-18.  

12.   Anybody can be an Apprentice! Apprenticeships are for EVERYONE.

Whether you’re leaving school or taking on high-flying Senior Management position. There’s an apprenticeship for you.    

To find out more about Apprenticeships contact us today or call 0808 100 1155 to find out what an Apprenticeship Programme could do for you.

*source: Achieving the benefits of apprenticeships A guide for employers