Retail Professionals

The retail industry is highly competitive, with more options for consumers than ever before. With such heavy competition, it is important that retail businesses stand out from the crowd; professional and skilled staff help organisations achieve this goal. 

Retail Apprenticeship Standards develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of learners to ensure staff have the skill-set they need to keep the organisations they work for ahead of the game. 

The apprenticeship covers areas including:

  • Leading, coaching and working effectively in a retail team.
  • Merchandising
  • Customer service in the retail sector
  • The retail selling processes
  • Maintaining health and safety
  • Stock management

These programmes can be studied at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 and are appropriate for those new to or with experience in the retail industry. For more information on the qualifications, please click on the links below.

 Retailer Level 2 Standard  Retailer Level 2 Programme Flyer
  Retail Team Leader Level 3 Standard  Retail Team Leader Level 3 Programme Flyer
 Retail Manager Level 4 Standard  Retail Manager Level 4 Programme Flyer

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