Traineeships are a great way to build a recruitment pipeline of young individuals aged 16 to 24. It is an education and training programme where you provide work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills needed to succeed in your sector. From this pool of young talent you can then recruit those who will compliment your business and help you build a strong business for the future.
A Traineeship programme lasts a minimum of 6 weeks and consists of work experience provided by you, the employer and sector specific training provided by Intec.

Benefits of developing a Traineeship programme:

  • From August 2020 £1000 per trainee is available for every trainee (limit of 10).
  • Develops skills relevant to your sector prior to employment.
  • All training costs are met through government funding accessed and administered by Intec.
  • Allows for an extended interview period to give you time to assess applicants and see how they perform in the work environment before agreeing a contract of employment.

Why choose Intec for your Traineeships?

  • Our dedicated service will help source eligible and suitable candidates.
  • We will tailor the training programme to be relevant to your business.
  • We provide onsite training support to develop the Trainees skills and help them settle into your business.

Once you have decided that a Traineeship programme is good for business, Intec will do the rest.

  • Take full details of the Traineeship specification and job description
  • Search and screen candidates to match the programme
  • Agree dates, times and locations for interviews
  • Select suitable candidates
  • Make all the arrangements with candidates by telephone, email and letter
  • Deliver the training  

To recruit your Trainees contact our dedicated team or call freephone number 0808 100 1155 and place your vacancy today