Warehousing, Storage & Logistics

Intec Business Colleges have experience of working with some of the UK's leading warehouse and logistics organisations. This experience has taught us that the key to keeping your business efficient and your customers happy is ensuring your products are at the right place, at the time in the right quantities.

 Apprenticeships in warehousing, storage and logistics are designed to explore the principals and practices of roles within this field. Based on the National Occupational Standards, these training programmes are designed to provide your staff with the knowledge, skills and behaviours that underpin good logistics and warehouse management, helping them to perform their role more efficiently and effectively. 

 Apprenticeships will help to improve skills and knowledge in many areas including:

  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations
  • Contributing to the provision of customer service in logistics operations
  • Handling goods within logistics operations
  • Picking, packaging and processing of orders
  • Supervising and managing within logistics operations
  • Stock management 

Studied at Level 2 as a Supply Chain Warehouse Operative or Supply Chain Operator, these qualification are appropriate for those new to or those with experience in the industry, whereas Level 3 as a Supply Chain Practitioner is appropriate for those who work in one or more supply chain functions. Tailored around a specific job role, it can be studied as either a standalone Vocational Qualification or as part of an Apprenticeship.

To gain an overview of the Apprenticeship and it's course outline, please download the factsheet below.

Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2 Standard    Supply Chain Practitioner Level 3 Standard
Supply Chain Operator - Traffic Officer Level 2 Standard   

To learn more about how these Apprenticeships can develop your workforce contact us or call on 0808 100 1155.