Functional Skills (City and Guilds)

Language and Numeracy skills are fundamental in today’s business world. Our Functional Skills course is an alternative to maths and English GCSE's, tailored to an individual’s knowledge, skills and ability.

Why should your staff undertake Functional Skills?

  • They are essential to achieve an Apprenticeship Standard
  • Better understanding of maths and English means more control over finances and communication 
  • Studies show that higher levels of literacy and numeracy have a positive impact on overall mental health and lifespan

Intec Business Colleges offer Functional Skills in maths and English at Levels 1 and 2. The process of undertaking Functional Skills starts with an initial assessment, a series of maths and English questions that analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your learners. Based on the results, a tailored plan of learning is developed. This means that learners will be provided with resources at the correct level for them, tackling the areas that need improvement. There will be skill checks along the process to confirm that learners are competent in any given topic. After completion of the modules, revision scenarios will be provided to help them practise for a final assessment.

Learners who undertake Intec's Apprenticeship programmes are also put through their Functional Skills courses (free of charge), unless they have qualifications that would exempt them. 

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 Functional Skills Fact sheet

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