Customer Service

The market for goods and services is more competitive than ever. With many organisations offering similar products or services at similar prices it is often the level of customer service which proves to be the differentiating factor. By training your staff with the skills to give your customers the best experience, you can ensure your business success.

The Customer Service qualifications delivered by Intec are work based training programmes, exploring the principals and practices of customer service. These programmes will provide your staff with a thorough understanding of this subject. Your staff will improve their skills and knowledge in many areas including:

  • Communicating using customer service language
  • Delivering customer service over the telephone
  • Impression and image
  • Handling problems
  • Development and improvement
  • Managing customer service within a business

This programme can be studied at Level 2 or Level 3 and is appropriate for those new to or those with experience in the industry.

To gain an overview of the qualifications and their course outline, please download the factsheet below.

Customer Service Diploma Level 2 Factsheet

Customer Service Diploma Level 3 Factsheet

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