A Day in the Life of an Intec Tutor/Assessor

06:30 am- The day starts with a big yawn!

07:30am - Once I am up and about I switch on my phone and check for any emails and respond accordingly. I then get my equipment ready for a full day on the front line developing the skills of the UK workforce!  

Between 08:00am /5:00pm 

Travel is an aspect of my role but my journey time is rarely more than an hour and it gives me time to have a good think about the day ahead: Who I'm seeing today, how they're progressing and brainstorm how I can motivate them to get the most out of their qualification.

I arrive at the workplace and look forward to having a catch up with my learner. The variety of working environments is really refreshing. I can be anywhere from a nice lush office to a warehouse environment, I always come prepared, my coat in car and a warm drink at the ready. It amazes me how much can happen in between our sessions and great when I hear that something that I've taught them has been successfully applied in their job.

Depending on the nature of my planned meeting we may undertake various activities from training/coaching through to assessing and marking work produced by the learner.

I get to talk to their Manager too, it's nice to get their perspective on things and if there's a problem the 3 of us (the learner, manager and I) can sit down and find ways to address it together. No two days are ever the same and I can spend my days working with individuals at all levels within a business from staff at the operational front end to an organisations CEO, life is never dull. 

Rewarding Days

The job though tough at times is unbelievably rewarding. There are learners that really stick out in my mind and times when I know I've made a difference to them, to their career.

I think first and foremost this job is about people you need to be able to communicate, able to empathize with a person and inspire them to do what they think they can't. Providing a person with knowledge and skills gives them confidence; pride, not just in their work but in their personal life too. 

Being organised, determined and able to manage deadlines are also essential to my role. I have to keep the customer informed of their staff members progresses and feedback on progress being made and any support required for the future. At the same time I may also need to book out any meeting rooms with the customer to facilitate future tests for my learners.

5:00pm Following a hectic day I then head for home and time to relax, eat my dinner and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!