A day in the life of an Intec Sales Executive

06:00am – Wake up and wonder why I am waking up this early again! Zzzzz

07:00am – Walk the dog


07:30am – Get ready for a day as a Sales Executive after a quick breakfast,  I fire up my laptop fired up and respond to any emails and enquiries.

Between 08:00am/6:00pm

Life as a Sales Executive at Intec is very busy, very rewarding and there's always something new to learn. Although there are tight targets and deadlines it gives me something to work towards and adds, to what proves to be, an enjoyable and exciting role.

I spend a large part of my day meeting with customers, getting to know them and their business.

Winning new business

Before I go on my first appointment of the day, I like to do a bit of research to find out what the company I'm going to meet do and how what Intec offer could benefit them. I've normally had a quick chat with the person I'm going to meet to confirm everything before hand and so have a rough idea of what they're after.

I really enjoy meeting new people and it's great to get to the appointment and put a face to the name. It's really important that I make the most of these meetings as the people I'm meeting are often busy Senior Executives. I seek to find out as much information as I can about an organisation and its people, then I am able to match this closely with the services we offer, and on occasions even explore new developments to our services on their behalf. 

I love that 'buzz' you get when a meetings gone well. I normally have a number of actions when I come out of the meeting, sending over any additional information a client has requested, putting together proposals, analysing the employers training programmes and developing a good working relationship with a company is essential to success. Training's not a quick sale product, it's a two way process we have to work in partnership with the customer to make sure it's the qualification runs smoothly. 

Account Managing

My next meeting is with an existing customer; I really enjoy this part of my job, it's great to see a learner that I've signed up progress from a Level 2 qualification up to a Level 3 and taking on more responsibility in their career.  It's important that I am organised, efficient and responsive to my customer’s needs. As a sales executive with Intec you are building relationships on two different levels. Firstly with that of the HR/Training Department and also building relationships with individuals who wish to undertake a qualification, it is important that they have a full grasp of the qualification they are undertaking and the level of commitment required. The information I provide, ensures an informed decision can be made.

Some of the key skills and attributes required to be a successful Sales Executive include communication, organisation and a determination to achieve my targets.

6:00pm – At last, a quick meal before a session in the gym.

8.00pm – Walk the dog.

8.30pm – I catch up on Coronation Street and then it’s off to bed for my beauty sleep before I do it all again. Zzzzz