You're Hired : Employers find Apprentices with Intec's new recruitment service

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14

Intec Business Colleges has launched a new service today aimed at supporting employers in recruiting apprentices under the age of 25. In conjunction with the National Apprenticeship Service, Intec is able to provide employers with a comprehensive recruitment package for them to employ an Apprentice. The service is simple, speedy, takes away the headache of the recruitment process and best of all its FREE!

A diverse range of private and public sector employers have already advertised their vacancies including British Gas, Ford, New Look, Sky, A Plant and local Councils. As part of the service, Intec will take full details of the vacancy specification and job description and go through the whole process for you from searching and screening candidates to selecting suitable candidates for interviews. As soon as an apprentice is appointed, Intec will also help to get them settled in and carry out an induction into the Apprenticeship programme.

“A young person undertaking an apprenticeship programme can bring vitality to any business and employing an apprentice is a very cost effective way of developing staff, improving retention, identifying potential and increasing competitiveness,” said John Herman, Managing Director of Intec Business Colleges. “Apprenticeship programmes within the workplace inevitably produce the skilled workforce the business will need in the future.”

One employer who has already taken advantage of Intec’s service commented, “We have previously tried to appoint an apprentice through 2 different agencies but had not had a very good success rate. We were hoping that Intec would be able to advertise our position and provide us with some good quality candidates and they did just that. Whilst interviewing the candidates our interviewers decided that the quality was that good that they would like to employ 2 instead of the required 1.”

“We are still in the early stages with apprenticeships and we really did have problems with some of the larger suppliers, it felt that we were not important enough. We are a global organisation and employee over 300 staff in the UK on 3 different sites so not small, we will continue to use Intec and would indeed recommend them to other companies.”

There are many benefits of Intec’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Service to a business. Not only is there no charge for this service but as it is a national programme you open up your vacancy to a much wider pool of candidates that are actively interested in Apprenticeships. With complete flexibility in who manages the whole recruitment process it is a wining formula. If you are considering employing an Apprentice and would like to benefit from Intec’s free recruitment service we would be delighted to help.

Please call Freephone 0808 100 1155 for further information.