Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14
The DSA is a national organisation delivering tests from over 400 driving test centres and 140 theory test centres. It has responsibility for setting standards and conducting theory and practical driving tests, with staff at its Nottingham office making sure all runs smoothly behind the scenes.

The DSA puts an emphasis on employee development, and has had training in place for some time for operational and administration staff, focusing on business needs such as leadership and legal obligations such health and safety or equality and diversity. However, the decision was made that a formal programme needed to be instituted in order to up-skill staff to attain minimum qualifications at level 2.

An Apprenticeship programme comprising NVQ qualifications fitted with the DSA’s needs and staff are now working towards Apprenticeships in Team Leading level 2, Management level 3, Customer Service levels 2 and 3 and Business Administration levels 2 and 3.

“Our first group of learners appear to be progressing very well and are all motivated and keen to attain their qualification,” said Lisa De-Rosa, HR Learning and Development Manager. “In fact, some are so keen that they are already considering the next level after the complete their current qualification.

“For the DSA, the programme is a great opportunity for learners to take stock and gain a different perspective on their roles, see how they are currently working and identify areas where they can then improve overall performance and efficiencies of themselves and the team.”

Lisa is pleased that even at this early stage of the programme, she has seen improved self-confidence and communication within the workforce. And with staff making encouraging progress, Lisa is keen for the DSA to continue with formal training.