RAC at your service

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14
RAC is an instantly recognisable name in the world of motoring and has been at the forefront of developing motoring services since 1897. Today RAC boasts one of the world’s most advanced computer systems to deal with calls for roadside assistance and as one the UK’s most progressive motoring organisations it has been working with Intec Business Colleges to deliver NVQ and Apprenticeships to its staff ensuring a consistent standard of quality is delivered by its customer services team.

A range of NVQs including Team Leader and Business Administration have been taken by colleagues since the company started working with Intec. However, the NVQs in Customer Service continue to be a very important qualification to the organisation and staff undertaking Levels 2 and 3 is continuing.

“The NVQ work ties in with what the staff are already doing within their roles.. The feedback has been very good and colleagues enjoy taking the qualification. It is a good verification of what they do,” explained Alistair McMillan. “Having worked with NVQs previously I was keen to utilise them here at RAC as they offer cost effective training for staff and it is also something constructive for colleagues to take part in.”

Alistair also believes that the NVQ and Apprenticeship training is an investment back in the staff, “Not only is it a way of supporting their personal development but it is also a key way for the company to engage with colleagues and show that we are interested in their development". ” Undertaking the NVQ training across the department also means that the company benefits from delivering a consistent standard of customer service to their clients.

“Working with Intec has been great and I have found them very easy to deal with. They are always available if I have needed to speak to them and the assessors have come in and gone about their work with very little interruption, which is good for us.”

“There’s a lot to gain from taking NVQs and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take an NVQ to do it,” concluded Alistair.