Life after GCSE’s

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14

Stay on in full time education or enter the world of work, these are the choices of thousands of young people who have had their GCSE results this week. If staying on at school/college or going to university is not for you, what else can you do?

The answer is “Get an Apprenticeship”

An Apprenticeship is a job with the opportunity to undertake job related vocational qualifications which can lead to the equivalent of a degree.

In many ways this is the best of both worlds. Employers throughout England are currently offering thousands of Apprenticeship opportunities in hundreds of occupational areas.

Apprenticeships have come a long way over recent years and are now available in such professions as Accountancy, Marketing, Banking, Software Engineering, Journalism and Civil Engineering.

An Apprenticeship is now a preferred option for a lot of young people who are setting out on their careers whilst getting paid a salary and avoiding a student debt.

There is a National Apprenticeship website where thousands of Apprenticeship vacancies are posted. There are also hundreds of Training Providers throughout the country who handle Apprenticeship vacancies and can help to find the right job.

John Herman, CEO of Intec Business Colleges says “we have been matching young people to Apprenticeship opportunities for over 30 years and currently we have more vacancies available to choose from than ever before”.

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