Intec launch new initiative to take youth unemployment in Rugby

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14

Intec Business Colleges, a leading UK provider of work based training, is launching a new initiative to help tackle youth unemployment in Rugby. Intec, which is headquartered in Rugby Town Centre, is providing the opportunity to gain an IT qualification as well as carry out Job Searches and CV Writing skills.

Intec will running an eight-week course in January of 2012 and is inviting applicants who meet the criteria to apply straightaway for the opportunity to gain a Diploma Level 2 in IT User as well as vital skills in job searching and CV writing.

As youth unemployment figures in the UK reach new highs, Managing Director of Intec, John Herman, believes the Diploma course will provide a much needed starting point for young adults.

“The Diploma Course will provide unemployed people with a great opportunity to not only gain a formal qualification but also a range of new skills that will have the potential to help them find employment,” explained John Herman. “As a leading training provider in vocational qualifications we have a wealth of experience that means we are well placed to provide this kind of support in tackling youth unemployment in Rugby.”

Intec also has its own Apprenticeship Recruitment service aimed at supporting employers in recruiting apprentices. This will provide a great opportunity for those young adults who take up the Diploma Course when it comes to searching for employment opportunities. A diverse range of private and public sector employers have already notified their vacancies including British Gas, Ford, New Look, Sky, A Plant and local Councils.

“A person undertaking an apprenticeship programme can bring vitality to any business and employing an apprentice is a very cost effective way of developing staff, improving retention, identifying potential and increasing competitiveness,” said Mr Herman, “Apprenticeship programmes within the workplace inevitably produce the skilled workforce the business will need in the future”.

For more information and to register your interest call freephone 0808 100 1155