Career Opportunities in a Growth Sector

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14
A recent research report published by eskills UK, Intellect and bcs, the leading representative bodies of the UK’s technology industries, shows that growth in the information economy is well above the country’s average.

The workforce in this sector number 1.4 million people and has grown by 8% in the 3 years to 2012, this growth in employment is 4 times that of the UK’s workforce as a whole.

Julian David of industry body Intellect said “the sector sits at the heart of all kinds of activities from education to energy and from finance to fashion”.

This sector, known as the Information Economy, is important to other sectors and regions of the UK’s economy and with this rate of growth there will be many career opportunities emerging over the coming years.

John Herman, CEO of Intec Business Colleges, said:

“Obviously ICT skills are in demand in this sector and people looking for jobs will need to demonstrate these skills and hold appropriate qualifications. Only 1% of workers in the sector have no qualifications”.

“Intec delivers Apprenticeships and ICT courses for companies throughout the country. This is a sector that is creating a high number of job opportunities, it is therefore well worth people undertaking appropriate qualifications to gain the skills necessary to join companies in the information economy”.

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