Sales and Telesales Professionals

From having good product knowledge and service skills through to the ability to establish and maintain relationships how your sales team represent your business is critical in increasing your customer base. This places those who are selling at the very core of the company. Ensuring that your staff are qualified in Sales means they have the skills needed to improve their ability to sell, ultimately making you more competitive and increasing your revenue.

The Intec Qualification in Sales is a work based accredited qualification which explores the principals and practices of selling. Based on the National Occupational Sales, this qualification will provide your staff with a thorough understanding of this subject. There will be benefits to your business as your staff will improve their skills and knowledge in many areas including:

  • Selling products either face to face or over the telephone
  • Generating and qualifying sales leads
  • Time planning in sales
  • Complying with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in a sales or marketing role

For more experienced sales staff, or those supervising a sales team, at level 3 your staff will improve their skills and knowledge in many areas including:

  • Managing a sales team
  • Analysis of sales performance
  • Negotiation
  • Building and retaining sales relationships

This qualification can be studied as either a standalone Vocational Qualification or as part of an Apprenticeship

For more information on the qualifications, please click on the links below.

 Certificate in Sales Level 2

 Diploma in Sales Level 3  

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