Rewarding experience for AAT adult learner: FFC Environment

When 45-year old Sandra Openshaw’s boss said he would like her to study for AAT she wasn’t too sure about it.  With a 20-year old daughter at university, it was getting on for 30 years since she’d done any structured learning.

Sandra has worked at FCC Environment for 14 years. The company is a waste management business that helps businesses and communities waste less and recycle more.  Sandra’s current role, sales ledger administration manager, involves invoicing ‘off takers’ – the people the recyclable waste from local tips and kerbside collections is sold on to – as well as chasing payment when necessary.

She says: “When my boss said he was thinking of training me up to do accounts and reports I wasn’t too sure about it, but he’s done me a favour. 

“I’ve had an afternoon off work a week to study and as a distance learner I email, Skype and telephone my Intec tutor whenever I need to. It’s interesting that I’m studying at the same time as my daughter and she’s helped me with some of the maths!”

The benefits of studying as an adult have been noticeable.

“I’ve completely changed gear and enjoy learning new things,” she says.  “Not only do I have new skills, I’ve noticed that it has improved my ability to remember everything, not just connected with work.  It’s been very rewarding.”