A further 40,000 apprenticeships will be created for young people in England

Posted: Tuesday, 23 August 2016 @ 11:14

Presenting his Budget yersterday (23 March), George Osborne also said the government would be increasing the places on its new work experience scheme to 100,000 over the next two years to help tackle the problem of rising youth unemployment.

Osborne said: "In Austria, Germany and Switzerland around one in four employers offers apprenticeships. In England fewer than one in 10 do. That’s got to change. Today, I am funding another 40,000 apprenticeships for young unemployed people."
The Association of Learning Providers (ALP) welcomed the expansion of the government’s apprenticeship programme. It warned that the challenge will be to ensure that a significant proportion of the extra places go to young people leaving the school system. To meet this challenge the association urged for there to be adequate pre-apprenticeship provision put in place for school-leavers who are not eligible for full apprenticeships.

Paul Warner, ALP’s director of employment and skills, said: "The government has definitely been on the right track in ensuring that apprentices are in a proper job with a decent wage. We need though to find places with employers for this summer’s school-leavers who want apprenticeships or at least get them on the ladder to full apprenticeships in new access programmes around the country"